""Lawson’s taut, graphic prose sparkles....Insightful, stimulating, and unforgettable tales." -Kirkus Reviews

Award-Winning Finalist for Short Story

in the 2018 American Book Fest! 


Beauty and terror collide in Doug Lawson’s Bigfoots in Paradise, a wild new collection of stories set in Santa Cruz, California.


It’s a land tucked between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean, one that’s populated by aging hippies and venture capitalist sharks, pot farmers and surfers, child prodigies and roaming herds of wild boar. Earthquakes rumble, meth labs explode, helicopters search overhead for drug farms while wildfires ravage the hillsides and sons and fathers and lovers try desperately to find some way to connect with the past, with themselves, before it’s too late.


Bigfoots In Paradise is available at your local bookstore or via, IndieBound, and Barnes & Noble.

"These stories are wonderful reminders that the line between childhood and adulthood is an ever-fluctuating, utterly fluid, and perhaps completely irrelevant distinction. Lawson's characters demonstrate the deep intelligence of children, as well as the stubborn immaturity of adults. They are funny, moving, full of the natural world and its wonders, as well as man's constant striving to understand him/herself and others. A very satisfying read."

--Antonya Nelson, author of Funny, Once


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